some exr doodles to hadley fraser’s new album…made me think of falling asleep on shoulders


Some pictures from today!

"For you to insult me, I must first value your opinion."

— (via fuckingdraco)

If you need me to do that for ya, just let me know

I MIGHT… idk I’d be an asshole and rip the album off of bandcamp but 1) i don’t do that on bandcamp period because these people get all their money from bandcamp you know?? it’s SO RUDE to rip an album off of bandcamp instead of paying for it, these are independent artists 2) HADLEY FRASER if i can support him in ANY WAY then GOSH DIDDLY DARN I WILL 3) this album is SO BEAUTIFUL and even if i had no objections to stealing from independent artists or any desire to support hadley it’s just so fuckin beautiful i WANT to you know, i want to throw my money on this

fun fact tho there’s a line in his song “headed west” and it’s “think of me heading west” and it sounds like “finger me, heading west”

can one buy things form bandcamp if they’re in pounds and u wanna pay in dollars…

(who has a credit card and wants to buy the just let go album for me omg…i can pay you back…if you accept cash because i have no cards therefor no paypal or anything…if its possible to pay for the album in dollars…)



My birthday is the day after Halloween! I never have enough time to celebrate because I have to spend the day cleaning up last night’s mess…


I feel like this is a good opportunity to point out that if you notice I’m in mutuals with/am reblogging from someone’s who’s abusive to you then please please please tell me so I can stop doing that


just testing new brushes… (-᷅_-᷄๑)



dont rip off hadley’s album from bandcamp

like post a link to it or whatever